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Must-have Door Cover for Portable A/C Units

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

No more blocking off your sliding glass door when you use your portable air conditioner!

So living in Southern California I have found summertime temperatures to be almost unbearable. It's quite common to experience back to back weeks of high 90's and triple digits. Central air in apartments is not easily found here and if you are lucky enough to find this luxury item, you will pay dearly for that apartment.

Most of us live in apartments that have one wall air conditioner unit (something I hadn't seen since my childhood) in the living room. It barely cools one room and you can forget it ever reaching the bedroom for you to sleep comfortable. I knew I wanted to purchase a portable air unit but they were so expensive! So about three years ago I waited until February, when it was cold (well, California cold), and started my search. I found the most fantastic portable air conditioner unit that was 14,000 BTU's and normally sold for $689 and I got the brand new unit for a cool $180! Such a deal! This unit will freeze you! The only downfall is I have sliding glass doors in my bedroom and that meant I had to completely seal off the door for the season when using the unit because it has an exhaust hose that needs to reach outside. Every June I close it off until around the third week of November when Los Angeles finally cools down. Closing this off means lots of weather stripping, a/c insulation foam, and duct tape. I also had to go to Home Depot and have a piece of board cut to fit in the extra space of the door.

I had just become accustomed to not being able to use my door for about five months....until this year! Last week while shopping on Amazon (one of my favorite things to do) I came across this wonderful door cover that is specially made for portable air conditioner units. It has velcro that you install all around the door frame and includes a zipper in the front, making it easy to walk through, and a zippered part where the a/c hose fits through. I can also very easily un-velcro the sides if I want to take it down for some reason, such as cool nights when I don't want to run the air conditioner.

At first, I thought there is no way this thin material will keep the cold air in the room, but I was wrong. My room is actually staying very cold, which is a must for my dog! I'm so happy I found this product. We haven't hit the triple digit weather yet, but so far this is working great!

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