About me

Sherri Epperson
Los Angeles, California

Hi! I'm Sherri

I'm a public relations and media professional and a trained photographer/videographer living in Los Angeles, California. I'm an entrepreneur at heart and driven by my passion for creativity and a strong determination to succeed. From a very young age I always knew I wanted to be my own boss, producing my own projects, and running my own branded company. I thrive in the live music & entertainment world and I especially love creating content and motivating and inspiring others.

As a PR consultant, my expertise is in branding and publicity & promotions and I specialize in the entertainment & lifestyle industries. With over ten years of experience, I have worked closely with numerous businesses, artists, arenas/venues, and tv and radio stations. I've created full PR/Ad campaigns and set up community & business home shows. Since 2014 I have also been working freelance in film and television production on multiple feature films and tv shows for several major studios. In addition, I'm the founder & owner of "Rock Show Connections," a music PR company I started in 2009, where I focus on promotions, content creation, branding, artist interviews, and concert photography.


My favorite & most important job is being a dog mom to my beautiful rescue dog, Apollo (a girl!),  that I saved in 2012 when she was abandoned at just a few weeks old. She's my best friend and travels everywhere with me. I'm a huge animal lover & activist and working with animal rescues is something I'm extremely passionate about. 

I'm a graduate of East Tennessee State University. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in

Mass Communication: Advertising/Public Relations with a minor in International Studies.